Mandy and InHan

are getting married!

Wedding day

We are really excited to be sharing our wedding day with our friends and family.


Please join us! (and RSVP to the evite by October 15!)
November 29, 2014, 5 PM
V. Sattui, 1111 White Lane, St Helena, CA

About Us

We first met at a wedding in Plano, Texas. We had a great conversation (or at least that's what InHan thought), but because Mandy lived in San Francisco and InHan lived in Boston at the time, there was a good chance that in any previous generation we would have never talked again.

Lucky for us, Mandy added InHan on Facebook...

And nearly 2 years later, when InHan finally listened to the advice of his friends and decided to move to San Francisco (for what was initally supposed to be only for the summer), they decided to meet up again. (InHan thought it was because of their great initial conversation at the wedding, he learned later that Mandy actually thought he seemed a little douchey. It is still unclear why Mandy actually agreed.)

Lucky for InHan, she did. After initially hanging out as friends a few times, InHan invited Mandy to what he thought was a really nice restaurant...there were probably a total of 3 other tables of customers there. We did have an excellent bottle of wine, our favorite wine, appropriately named Educated Guess.

What started out as an Educated Guess is turning out to be so much more!


Our ceremony and reception will be at the V. Sattui winery in Napa Valley, California. Ceremony will start at approximately 5 PM.

1111 White Lane
St. Helena, California


We have reserved a limited number of hotel rooms for both 1 and 2 night stays at the Embassy Suites in Napa. The 3 letter group code is CKW. Please call 1-800-EMBASSY or book online at Embassy Suites Napa Hotel using CKW as the Group/Convention code. We will have a shuttle bus driving to and from the hotel and V. Sattui.

Embassy Suites
1075 California Boulevard
Napa, California


Su-Hwei Kan Polansky

What can I say, when we met in 1996, this girl thought I didn't speak a word of English... definitely the perfect recipe for a lifelong friendship. Wouldn't know what to do without someone who is as straightforward and as responsive to text messages as she is.

Donna Gih

Always down to do adventurous things on a whim, this girl trooped up Half Dome with me, which means she has literally seen me at my worst. She's my tough cookie and I'm so thankful to have her emotional support all the time.

Kelly Wong

We bonded instantly from our first day at work together in 2008. Colleagues and then roommates, we've been fortuitously in each others' lives through a lot of thick and thin. Nothing like sushi and sake nights at home to put a little perspective on life. Love this girl to pieces!

Moon Choi

My seester is always reaching out to see if I need help with anything, or to have girls' night out. Thoughtful beyond comprehension, Moon is the sweetest sister I could ever ask for. I'm truly blessed to have her close by.


Douglas Hwang

Captain obnoxious, roommate from MIT at Phi Delta Theta, brings out the most ridiculous side of me, still believes he will play in the NBA some day, will settle for Portland getting to game 7 of the Western Conference finals again.

Anson Tsai

International man of mystery, flying anywhere at a moment's notice, competitive eater, as long as it is oil free, dairy free, not fried, etc...spent years trying to convince me to move to SF...thankfully I finally listened.

Wilson Liu

Big man in NYC, have known each other since high school when we truly had no idea what was going on. Has tried to teach me how to dress for years, owns 14 Navy suits.

Tony Wu

Tennis player extraordinaire, little bro at Phi Delts, now he gives most of the advice, always has the best gear for everything, may or may not have tried sleeping in oxygen tents.


We just wanted to take a moment to thank our families. We are who we are today because of their love, sacrifice, advice, support, and guidance.
Thank you so very much! We love you!

Chang Family

Kang Family


We have sent our electronic wedding invitations via Paperless Post. Please RSVP by Paperless Post or by email to either of us by October 15, 2014. Dinner will be served family style; please let us know if there are any dietary restrictions. Please contact us if there are any questions as well. Hope to see everyone soon!

Wedding registry

We've been so blessed thus far in life that there isn't anything that we really need. We are thankful everyday for how lucky we have been in life, so please don't feel obligated to give anything.

If you do really insist, we have set up a Zola registry, primarily to help with our travels to Asia to see our family during the holidays.

Thanks again everyone, and please, your presence is most important!